Cheesus 2020 – Don’t you want me baby?

Tier 4! Goddamn it – totally screwed with Cheesus this year.

Face Space Save Lives Rule of Six Cheese

This is to cheer you up when you can’t eat cheese with your mates.

Don’t you want me baby (bel)? from Cheesus

And the lyrics …..

You were sat there on your lonesome on a shelf in the shop
When I saw you
I bought you and unwrapped you and chopped you all up
Stuck you on some bread to chew
I been doing the same for many a year
And melting is so easy for you
But I’m the one who always takes you out of the fridge
And I can put you back now too!

Don’t – don’t you tease me
Eating you is easy
‘Cause you’re lovely and you’re cheesy

Don’t – don’t you tease me
You tempt me and you please me
But your smell makes me all queasy

It’s much too late to find
That you’re all wrapped up in rind
You’d better get unwrapped or we will both be sorry

Don’t you want me, baby (bel)?
Don’t you want me, ohh?
Don’t you want me, baby (bel)?
Don’t you want me, ohh?

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