What’s it all about?

A fun day eating cheese and drinking booze with your mates between Christmas and New Year … celebrating the birth of the baby Cheesus ..

1. Get together with your mates between Christmas and New Year when everyone is back from fighting with their families and watching Only Fools and Horses with their granny.

2. Bring all your leftover cheese (this is about eating leftovers)

3. Bring all your leftover booze (you can top up if you have drunk it all already)Have a knees up, eat and drink all the cheese and booze (and probably get cheese sweats)

4. Whoever hosts is known as Cheesus (or the grande fromage).  He / she then normally nominates Cheesus for the following year who will host next time.

And repeat …….

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So what is Cheesus all about?

A few years ago we suggested that a few local friends get together between Christmas and New Year (once everyone was back from visiting family for Christmas).  The idea being, bring your leftover cheese and booze and then eat it, drink it and have a knees up with mates.

Thus, the annual celebration of the birth of baby Cheesus was born …….



Please get in contact with us if you have any questions, comments or would like to tell us about¬†your cheesus …